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A picture of a woman not listening better

Shut up and Listen

Be a Better Listener Time and time again, after interviewing anyone with any level of accomplishment in their career, people tell me that if they

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Half Time

Looking Back. It is so amazing that I have been doing this podcast now for six months. So many guests have honored me with their

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9 am to 9 am.

Often, you hear a story about a college graduate who started their own business and made millions the first year out of college, seemingly with

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Show Up.

The world is a very competitive place. Few careers are as competitive as the acting business. During the pandemic, many who had the talent and

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Be Heard.

Now, more than ever, the spoken word has become so very important. Zoom meetings, conference calls, virtual presentations, audiobooks, and podcasts are commonplace. When we

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Lawyerly Advice

When you enter college, start your own business, or join the corporate world, it seems like the world becomes a little more complicated. The amount

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