Self Development

A picture of a woman not listening better

Shut up and Listen

Be a Better Listener Time and time again, after interviewing anyone with any level of accomplishment in their career, people tell me that if they could rewind their life, they wished they would have listened more. They wished they had listened more to their parents, friends, mentors, teachers, and bosses. The truth is, when most …

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Half Time

Looking Back. It is so amazing that I have been doing this podcast now for six months. So many guests have honored me with their time and input. The benefit: hundreds of my subscribers (students and professionals) get insights from professionals and years of practical experience to arm themselves with successful techniques to get a …

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9 am to 9 am.

Often, you hear a story about a college graduate who started their own business and made millions the first year out of college, seemingly with little effort. The story seems like an internet myth passed on from social media platform to another. For the most part, a story like that is a myth. Rarely does …

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Show Up.

The world is a very competitive place. Few careers are as competitive as the acting business. During the pandemic, many who had the talent and fortune of being performers put their careers on hold last year. It took devoted, intelligent, and creative individuals to be able to pivot and make the most of the “time-out” …

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Be Heard.

Now, more than ever, the spoken word has become so very important. Zoom meetings, conference calls, virtual presentations, audiobooks, and podcasts are commonplace. When we are in a virtual meeting, we want to be as professional as possible. Therefore, ensuring that everyone can hear you is essential to getting your point across and keeping your …

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Lawyerly Advice

When you enter college, start your own business, or join the corporate world, it seems like the world becomes a little more complicated. The amount of paperwork and legal documents you need to read, understand, and sign can become overwhelming. In addition, becoming an adult carries a liability that you never had to worry about …

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