Everyone deserves a good start.

Scott Agnoli

Scott Agnoli

Founder/CEO, Corporate Coach, Author, Speaker, Designer, Marketer

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Getting a good start towards any goal or task is essential. Good preparation for the pursuit of anything could mean the difference between falling short and achieving what you set out to accomplish. There is no better preparation you can have than experience. I want to help you prepare for life, a career, and personal growth with the knowledge I have gained over the last thirty years. I had the privilege to learn and work with the best and what they taught me, I want to share with you. Along the way, you will meet the friends who have helped me lead a fruitful, successful, and significant life. My goal is to help you prepare by sharing experience, best practices, tools, and real-world examples.

GetAGoodStart.com provides all of the practical experience and knowledge from decades of corporate life and will show you how to apply it to the current and ever-changing climate. You will learn how to use this knowledge in a virtual and in-person environment effectively.

Hosted and authored by Scott Agnoli, CEO of ScottCre8ive, GetAGoodStart.com is a blog and podcast that aims to deliver the life lessons and experience you usually have to learn and earn overtime. Also, Scott has lined up a stellar cast of professionals who have “been there” and have “done that.” They have acquired the knowledge which has helped them get a good start in everything they do. This knowledge can help you accelerate your preparedness for your life and career.

Great mentors and peers from my life will be joining me on my video podcast to answer the question: “How do you get a good start?” We apply that question to career and life situations. We will explore best practices, habits, and time-tested tools that can save you time and sweat.

Next week I will be speaking with the Director of Corporate Partnerships for the New York Jets, John Willi. John has been a long-term peer, mentor, and friend. I hope you can join us for this inaugural podcast and gain insight from his perspective and get a good start to the New Year.

GetAGoodStart.com wants to be your virtual mentor and help you with tools and tips to navigate your life and career. Weekly tips, video podcasts, and a social media group are tools for you to get a good start free of charge. Need a little more? GetAGoodStart.com has workshops and seminars to get you to that next step. Scott is here to help. Do you require personal attention? Scott also provides one-on-one coaching. Scott wants to help you no matter your stage or status of education or career. Let GetAGoodStart.com help you learn faster, gain the lessons of experience more quickly, and progress in a more prepared way.

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Got any questions or ideas? Feel free to reach out to me with your comments or feedback at scott@getagoodstart.com

Thank you and I look forward to you enjoying the first episode of this podcast.

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