Lather, Rinse, and Repeat.

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You may be asking yourself, What does lather, rinse and repeat have to do with my path in the world? Well, the title of this blog post is about having a goal and being consistent. Those three simple words are a plan to get your head clean. Each of us needs to have a plan for our lives, even if it is just for the day. Then we need to execute it, evaluate how our plan was completed, and make changes to the plan if required. Even if you do not know the ultimate destination for your career, you can get up every day with a plan in mind and try something new, if only to confirm and eliminate that new thing from your plans as a direction you do not want to take for your career. 

Lather, rinse and repeat can be synonymous with plan, act, check. No matter what you want to do in life, this simple activity can help you achieve your goals and direct you away from things that do not drive you towards your passion. 

Front Man

Today’s guest has followed his passion in life. Many artists discover early that their creativity makes others happy, which drives them to create more, entertain more, and make others happy more often. Today’s guest is no different. When he performed with the legendary Jerry Lee Lewis at the age of ten, he learned that his joy was entertaining people with his music. It is his passion to make others happy through his talents on stage. He measures his career and life by the joy he brings others. It is my honor to welcome this week’s guest, musician, and all-around great person, Connor Tribble.

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No matter what stage you are in your life or career, Conner provides insights that help anyone. Starting today, you can get a good start to the life or career you want by employing the following advice from him:

  • Follow your heart (trust your gut.)  Many of Conner’s experiences have brought him back to believe that the best guidance can come from inside. When others advise you on your career, and that advice does not align with your passion, listen to your heart. Defend your goals by taking a stand for what feels right to you. If your heart steers you wrong, you will know that you tried it your way and will know what not to do in the future. Letting others drive your dream can lead you down a path you may not have wanted to go. Stand up for your vision, and if your heart is troubled, you may be straying from your passion.  
  • Do not anticipate what others may think. We all have ideas, and it takes a brave soul to put them out there for others to judge. However, many of us let our fears of what others may guide what we do. Stop anticipating how others may receive your ideas. Be brave enough to execute whatever it is you have created. Sometimes you will win, sometimes you will lose, but you have to try. If you think you know how others will feel, it will stop you from knowing the truth. Take the good and the bad as experiences to grow.    
  • Trust yourself and act on your ideas. Although this may be redundant to the previous takeaways, nothing builds more character than taking action on what you want to do. If you want to be an architect, be the best one you can be. If you have a new idea for a better mousetrap, make it. If you have a burning desire to create a new service for people, create it. As long as you have passion in your heart and you dedicate to doing your best in executing your idea, success and happiness will find you.    

A poem

One part of Conner’s routine in getting a good start each day, he writes a poem. On the day he was to be interviewed by me, I was flattered and honored to find that he wrote one about me. It goes like this:


I know a fine fellow named Scott,

He likes to help people a lot,

He helps them decide,

How to start life’s ride,

That is a fine thing,

Is it not?


Thank you, Connor, for such a wonderful poem. 


Do not measure your success by the amount of money you make. Money cannot buy you time, so take your time to define your life. Invest in yourself and your dreams. Success (whatever way you define it) will find you as long as you give it your best effort, and it must find you working. 

If you want to contact Conner, check him out on Facebook or Click HERE to Google Conner Tribble to learn more about this fascinating musician. 

I appreciate feedback of all kinds, so please email me any questions or feedback to scott@getagoodstart.com. Have a great week, and remember, it doesn’t take a lot to get a good start; you just have to start. Thank you. 

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