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Where do we go from here?

The majority of us are either working from home, looking for work (from home), or are doing something as a “side hustle” to earn some money. Whatever your particular situation is, this pandemic has undoubtedly changed the world forever. If you are thinking, “I cannot wait for everything to go back to normal,” you are not thinking correctly. I am not a soothsayer, but I know I can accurately predict that when everything gets back to “normal,” the “normal” we experience then will look nothing like it did before the pandemic. 

There are many negatives as a result of this CoronaVirus. You can not dwell on those negatives. If you want to lead yourself and others to success in your life (professional or personal), you must evaluate opportunities that have grown from this awful virus. The world has changed and produced opportunities. Everyone needs to have a clear vision to see the possibilities in front of them.

You now have a clearer vision.

You may not know it, but you now may have a clearer vision of what your perfect world can be. If you are working at home, the thought may have crossed your mind that this is how you would like it to be all of the time. Working from home has reduced your commute to zero. You have been able to accomplish a lot more, you eat home-cooked lunches, and drycleaning costs have gone way down. 

If you have been out of work, you may have tried a different type of work to help pay the bills. Instacart, GrubHub, or delivering for Amazon have given many people I have talked to an alternate method for earning more. Some have even commented that they will not go back to the job they had because this gives them more independence. Others have recognized that the changing environment has created new peripheral industries.

I hope you can start to see the opportunities that you can take advantage of to change the paradigm of your life. You now have the power to modify how you work and make a living because the world is more open to remote workers and businesses. Even in industries where remote working was “not possible,” now is possible and flourishing. So, how are you going to lead the paradigm shift in your world? Keep reading.

Get a New Job, Anywhere in the World.

The whole world experienced and developed new methods of conducting business remotely. With that, a new world of professional talent is now available. Aside from language barriers, anyone, anywhere in the world has the opportunity to seek a job anywhere. You no longer have to live in the same locality as your work. Progressive companies will take advantage of this and will source the best talent from the entire planet, not just those who would be willing to relocate. These same companies may also use the economy of remote working to hire part-time specialists for projects. Not having to be physically in any specific location provides many opportunities for those with imagination.

Self-employment novices who tried working for delivery services because of financial necessity, now see it as a preferred method of working. Or, they will use the experience as an alternate means to earn more money. Retired individuals who embrace technology can supplement their income by looking to re-enter the workforce with online-only, part-time employment. Realizing these possibilities, how does that change your career path?

Lead change in your organization.

You do not have to be the leader of an organization to make changes. Even if you have not been a part of the changing corporate landscape, you can change the future of your company. By remote working, the use of paper forms and printing has dramatically reduced. Make sure it stays that way and continue to refine your world to eliminate what is wasteful. Do not go back to the “old ways” of doing things. 

Form a committee at your company to review the current ways business is conducted during this pandemic. Use this committee to make sure these new methods continue to evolve. Things like less business travel, new sick time policies, digital workflows, corporate meetings, and of course, less paper and review current real estate needs. If these things continue to improve and progress, things like work-life balance, job satisfaction, and cost savings will grow.

Final thoughts on the new “workplace.”

Aside from everything I have said above, there will be new and emerging industries developed from this time. There will be companies to show start-ups on how to build a new company without the need for a brick and mortar headquarters. They will also help current businesses transition to shed now un-needed office space. Corporations may soon create new jobs for doing things like modifying current job functions to be online-only positions. My guidance is this: identify the pieces of your “new” work world that are the best. Then either modify your current job (post-pandemic) to embrace those changes permanently or find a new job that allows you the opportunity to thrive utilizing the techniques learned from the pandemic lock-down. Whichever way you go, use the opportunity and experience to improve your previous work environment for the better. 

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