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When you finish college and start looking for a job, usually the last place you will accept help from in this endeavor is your parents. You do this mainly because you feel that your parents do not know you and are not “in the know” to get you in the door with a good place to work. Also, pride has something to do with wanting to get that job “on your own.” The truth of the matter is, you should take help from wherever it comes. Getting a door opened to an opportunity is just a “foot in the door.” Who you are and what value you bring to that opportunity will determine if you get the job and, more importantly, keep that job. You will hear an example of this in today’s podcast. 

Get Your Foot In The Door

In my workshops, I teach students how to build and maintain relationships. This is so you will have a diverse network where you may know someone who could help you get your resume into the right hands. Sometimes more important, help someone get their foot in the door. The help you need to get that interview could be anyone, so take a chance and ask your parents, friends, relatives, and those you have developed relationships with during your college career.

My guest this week is the owner and president of Timeline Promotions, Kim Meth. Her dedication to her customers is legendary. You can see everything she offers at her website, timelinepromotions.com, and make sure to follow on Instagram



Action Items

Disconnect: In addition to what Kim discusses with me, it is a proven scientific fact that sleep is the number one thing we can do to recharge and prepare ourselves for an excellent start to anything. Most of us feel we can go without sleep or “catch up” later, and neither is the truth. So end your day by leaving your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop in another room. Put your phone on Do Not Disturb (on the iPhone, you can allow emergency calls from those closest to you to “breakthrough.”) Instead of scrolling endlessly on social media or email, read a book for 20 minutes. Either way, you will be priming your brain to fall asleep and get a night of better quality sleep. Start this action today for a good start tomorrow.

Build Your Character: There will be times in this life when all you have is your word. Working on your character involves discovering who you are and who you want to be. One of the best ways to do this is to volunteer. Help others, and you will find the simple act of selflessly giving will uncover what is important to you. Also, I guarantee, after performing such an action, you will feel great. So, go out and find a local organization you can help and give your time once a week or once a year. It does not matter. Just start.

Be Authentic: We hear a lot about “fake” everything recently. The last thing you want to do is act differently from who you are, thinking it will get you further in life. Eventually, that facade you put up will come down, and the real you will be found out. Dress for success always but be yourself. Be polite yet speak your feelings. Professionally present yourself every opportunity you get. You never know who may be watching. It is much easier to recommend someone who looks like they want the job and prepared for it. 


Getting a proper amount of sleep will prepare you to perform at your very best each day. Being genuine will build trust with those who interact with you. Volunteering can develop your perspective on who you are and want to be. Each of these things can put you on a path to a good start to whatever it is you want to achieve.  

I appreciate feedback of all kinds, so please email me any questions or feedback to scott@getagoodstart.com. Have a great week, and remember, it doesn’t take a lot to get a good start; you just have to start. Thank you. 

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