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The Problem:

Alarms, reminders, timers, and the like are the programs and apps many of us use to assist our memory. Let’s face it; we have so much going on that remembering things can be a chore. Even with technology, there are so many options, which is the right tool? Why do I need something new?

What Happened To Me:

About a year ago, I purchased deeply discounted software, which would renew at almost five times the cost once the first year passed. I wanted the software but not at the inflated price. I had never had success with reminder apps, as I would ignore them. After a while, I had a constant red circle over the reminder app with a large number in it. I read my email every day, so why not use email to remind me? 

The Solution:

I scheduled an email to send a week before the renewal, and magically, a year later, I got the email. I had put a link to the website where I could cancel the software in the email. And for the first time, I remembered.

How You Can Do It:

Until I needed to do so, I did not know how to schedule an email. I guess I knew there had to be a way to do it, but I never had a use for it. To do it is very easy, and I have provided links below for the major email clients. Gmail is the easiest, then Outlook. Apple Mail needs either a third-party add-on or you have to use Automator to schedule an email to send at a specific time.

How-To Links:

Scheduling Sending Emails with Outlook: CLICK HERE
Scheduling Sending Emails with Gmail: CLICK HERE
MailButler Add-On for Apple Mail: CLICK HERE
Using Automator for Apple Mail: CLICK HERE

Final Thoughts:

Many times we do not know how to use the features of the software we use every day. We always look for that “magic pill.” Adding another thing to learn, use, and check is not the best way of creating habits that make us more productive. Taking a little time to learn how to do new things with old software can set us up to succeed faster in accomplishing our goals. 

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