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Be a Better Listener

Time and time again, after interviewing anyone with any level of accomplishment in their career, people tell me that if they could rewind their life, they wished they would have listened more. They wished they had listened more to their parents, friends, mentors, teachers, and bosses. The truth is, when most of us first enter the corporate world, we are looking to improve ourselves and get ahead. Seldom do we take time during those initial years to listen to those around us. The better start we could get simply by listening to those who have “been there” and “done that.”

How to Listen Better

I have learned a lot by observing others. I listened to them with undivided attention. It is simply astounding how much knowledge you can acquire when you close your mouth and open your ears. We miss most of the most significant learning opportunities because we are talking when we should be listening. 

A Better Listener

This week’s guest has become a better listener over the years. One of his favorite things to do is nurture his relationships with his mentors and peers. Darren Magarro is the Founder and President of DSM, a digital marketing and advertising agency headquartered in Mahwah, New Jersey. A friend of mine for many years, you would be hard-pressed to find a more passionate and giving individual. 

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Action Items

As you have heard in the podcast, Darren wishes he could go back and tell his younger self to “shut up and listen” and become a better student of the people around him. Here are some other items that will provide you insight to accomplish any goals you have:

  • Not every day will be fantastic.  During your journey in life, you will have amazing days. However, you will also have not-so-great days. Those are the days that you will have to buckle down and grind out the work. Pushing through the tough times makes the good times even better. Set goals and work every day to accomplish them. Do not let the tough days distract you. 
  • Be willing to hear and accept advice. It is one thing to ask for advice; listening to it and learning from it is another. We are often so caught up in the daily rush that we forget to stop and hear the advice that could help us. Pay attention because the best advice may come from during the heat of the battle. 
  • Be consistent. Even during the worst of times, you must be consistent. How others perceive you is related to how you handle yourself when put under pressure. Being positive and consistently producing quality work will help you develop trust and admiration with your peers.


Being a good listener is dependant on being able to put your ego on the shelf and benefit from those around you. If you want to listen to someone to learn more about the digital marketing world, football, or just the world around you, check out Darren on LinkedIn or the DSM website.

I appreciate feedback of all kinds, so please email me any questions or feedback to scott@getagoodstart.com. Have a great week, and remember, it doesn’t take a lot to get a good start; you just have to start. Thank you. 

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